Bale Processors

CFR1251 Bale Pro ®

Effectively Mix Feed Grades

Highline is pleased to introduce the CFR1251 Bale Pro®. When good bales are scarce or efficiency is critical, the CFR1251 provides the flexibility to blend two bales into a healthy ration.

When mixing bales, the ability to meter in grain, chop hay and bed down cattle with a single machine is still part of the fundamentals of a Highline Bale Pro®.

The CFR1251 Bale Pro® , a convenient alternate to a TMR - one operator, one machine and one tractor while eliminating the need for pre-processing.

The 1251 is a dual-chamber bale processor which offers many of the same benefits as a TMR Mixer. The 1251 provides the flexibility to process two bales at once, blending different types of forage into a healthy ration. With winter feed costs accounting for as much as 50% of total production costs, managing this variable can make or break the profitability of a cow calf operation. The ability to utilize lower quality forage, along with high quality forage maximizes the efficiency of a winter feeding program and is critical in extending feed supplies on years when good hay is in short supply. When equipped with the optional Grain Tank with MGI™ and Feed Chopper™, the CFR1251 really is an all-purpose machine that rivals a TMR in producing a mixed forage / grain ration. And, it does this with less operational costs and lower capital investment. The 1251 is also an excellent machine for bedding and that’s something a TMR can’t do. In many cattle operations, the CFR1251 may be a wiser investment than a TMR mixer.


  • CFR Capability - Expand your 1251 Bale Pro® into a CFR by adding the Grain Tank with MGI™

  • Retractable front bale loading conveyor allows the bale to gently shift to the front

  • Cameras Standard

  • Hydraulically Controlled Discharge Door

  • Adjustable Forks - easily adjust your fork width based on your requirements up to 6' (1.8 m)

  • Independent aggression controls allows for blending of 2 forages at different rates.

  • The Slat & Chain Processing Chamber

  • Safety Chain Standard

  • Transport Lights Standard

  • Expand your CFR with these options

The CFR 1251 maximizes your blended input ability; mixing the perfect balance of bales of varying quality with metered whole grain product; the result is optimized feed at a lower purchase point. Below are examples of how the CFR 1251 can positively affect your bottom line.

# HeadHay 100%Hay 50%Straw 50%Hay/Straw


    Blended Cost


200 $           30,000.00 $           15,000.00 $              6,750.00 $           21,750.00

 $          8,250.00

300 $           45,000.00 $           22,500.00 $           10,125.00 $           32,625.00

 $        12,375.00

400 $           60,000.00 $           30,000.00 $           13,500.00 $           43,500.00

 $        16,500.00

500 $           75,000.00 $           37,500.00 $           16,875.00 $           54,375.00

 $        20,625.00


Weight (lb)18001200
Cost (c / lb) $0.028 $0.013
Cost ($ / bale)5015
Feed lb/day30 
Feeding Days180