Bale Processors

CFR650 Bale Pro­®

“...our feeding time has gone down and my Dad can now feed with this as he no longer has to remove surface wrap and put bales into feeders. This is my 3rd processor - I have had 2 other Highline Bale Pro’s in the past.”

Highline's Number 1 Bale Pro®

The 650 Bale Pro® is a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well engineered bale processor. The 650 Bale Pro® has a dual feed roller processing chamber with a centrally driven flail drum processor.

Expand your 650 to a CFR by adding a Feed ChopperTM and Grain Tank with MGI™

  • The Highline Feed Chopper™ is a secondary processing option that allows you to produce a shorter cut length. The surface area of feed is increased for the cow's rumen to digest.

  • The Grain Tank with MGI™ is a meter-based system similar to that which is presently used on Bourgault air seeders for accurate seeding.

  • Expand your CFR with these options