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CleanCut™ Twine Release System

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Effectively snap the twine!

Unique to the CFR 960 Bale Pro® is the CleanCut™ Twine Release System. The CleanCut™ Twine Release System uses the weight of the square bale to effectively slice the twine prior to processing.

HOW IT WORKS: The hooked spear design stabs into the square bale slipping between the twine and the bale. As the bale is released into the tub, the sharp edge of the CleanCut™ Twine Release System slices through the twine releasing the bale. The unleashed bale is now loose in the tub. This loose material is well suited for uniform processing.

*** If livestock is being fed, it is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that the materials in the processed feed mix are suitable. Some of the wrapping material (twine, net wrap or other materials) may be discharged with the feed if the wrapping materials are not removed prior to processing. ***