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Efficient Processing of Square Bales

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Bale Orientation Matters!

When it comes to loading efficiency, bale orientation matters.

Loading Efficiency (for Square Bales):

Lining up a bale for loading can be a challenging task. It stands to reason that the larger the visible target area, the easier it is to align and load. This is why the CFR 960 Bale Pro® was designed to align with the bale’s broad side as opposed to its end making loading easier and processing faster.

Efficiency is further enhanced with the CleanCut™ Twine Release system that quickly cuts through bale twine prior to processing, allowing the loose bale to procress uniformly and efficiently.


Competitors' bale processors, where the bale is orientated widthwise on the flail drum, can take upwards of 3 minutes to process. In comparison, the CFR 960 Bale Pro® capable of processing a 4' x 4' x 8'6" bale in 1 minute! The CleanCut™ twine release on the CFR 960 helps with this efficiency.*

*Bale processing times are contingent on bale type, aggression setting and tractor horsepower.

1.The bale is orientated so that the length (the larger visible area) is the target for alignment making loading easier than aligning with the width.

2. The bale is turned mid-lift.

3. The bale is aligned with the flail drum for efficient processing.

4. The bale is lifted, the twine is sliced and the bale is dropped loosely into the tub (the loose consistency helps with uniform processing).