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Expand Your CFR With These Options

Feed Chopper™ (CFR650/651/960)

The Feed Chopper™, exclusivley from Highline, is a secondary processing option to create shorter cut lengths.  Rather than stationary knives that pulvarize or drag leaves off stems, the Highline Feed Chopper™ truly slices through hay creating an optimal consistency for efficient metabolization.  The Feed Chopper™ is a great solution for pre-processing for TMR mixers.

Grain Tank with MGI™ (CFR650/651/960/1251/TOP GUN®)

The Grain Tank with MGI™ is a meter-based system similar to that which is presently used on Bourgault air seeders for accurate seeding.  The metering system is evenly and consistently fed by gravity.


Electric Over Hydraulic Kit (CFR650/651)

Kit to convert CFR650/CFR651 with 3 pairs of hydraulics to 2 pair of hydraulics and an in-cab electric control

Hydraulic Agression Control Kit (CFR650/CFR651)

650/651 bale processor in-cab flail drum agression adjustment.

Flow Control Valve (CFR651)

Chain speed control mounted on bale pro with two pairs (or three pairs) of hydraulics (for trractor remotes w/o flow control)

Weigh Scale Kit (CFR650/651/TOP GUN®)

3 point (1 hitch tongue, 2 axles) weigh system with in-cab display


12 Guard Rod Kit (CFR650/651)

6 extra guard rods to help ensure consistent feed of material into the flail drum when using short hay.

Rear Facing Work Lights (CFR650/651/TOP GUN®)

Additional lighting for night operation, with added illumination of processing chamber and behind unit.


End Curtains (Option on 2016 models or earlier CFR650/651/960/TOP GUN®)

Rubber belting added to ends of deflector door to help contain material flow.

Rear Deflector LEFT (Option on 2016 models or earlier CFR650/651/960/1251/TOP GUN®)

Panel extends left side end wall to contain material in processing chamber.

Rear Deflector RIGHT (Option on 2016 models or earlier CFR650/960/TOP GUN®)

Panel extends right side end wall to contain material in processing chamber.

TOP GUN® Curved Discharge Chute

Alternate discharge chute for 650 TOP GUN® Bale Pro®.  Chute is shorter and open bottom for use inside buildings.

Hydraulic Deflector Door (TOP GUN®)

  • Hydraulically actuated side deflector windrow feeding, for 3 REMOTE equipped units.
  • Hydraulically actuated side deflector windrow feeding, for JOYSTICK equipped units.