Bale Processors

*NEW* BP 965 Bale Pro®

Process Square or Round Bales - Adds Flexibility When Using Multiple Forages

Ideal for feeding and bedding - the BP 965 Bale Pro® offers all of the proven design features found on the Highline® Bale Pro® series with the added flexibility to process round or square bales as well as other beneficial design features like a 9’ (2.74 m) flail drum which increases processing rate.


NEW Discharge Door
Self cleaning when lifted and the door is extendable up to 15” (.38 m) for adjusting
windrow drop position. Hinged end curtain for better windrowing.

NEW Twine Sickle (standard)
Effectively saw the twine on square bales.

NEW Motor Protection Valve
Reduces pressure spikes increasing the motor life and durability.

NEW Rear Deflectors
Standard on all models.

NEW Screen Design
For better material containment.

NEW Side Shields
Contoured to match modern bale profiles for improved flail engagement.

NEW Hose Holder
Keep hoses protected and out of the mud! Quickly hook up to the tractor with the
hoses now located conveniently beside the tractor remotes. The hose holder locks
out of the way during backing up or for shipping.

NEW Fork Position Indicator
For improved positioning when loading the second bale.

NEW Fork Design
Ability to load round or square bales!

NEW Gear Box
Heavy duty gear box.