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The Bale Pro® Feed Chopper™

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Available on the BP 660 / BP 661 and BP 965

The Feed Chopper™

The Feed Chopper™, exclusively from Highline®, is a secondary processing option to create shorter cut lengths. Rather than stationary knives that pulverize or drag leaves off of stems, the Highline® Feed Chopper™ truly slices through the hay creating an optimal consistency. The Feed Chopper™ is a great alternative to tub grinders.

Improves Whole Plant Intake
Chopping reduces particle size of the whole plant improving intake of the stem portion. This is the part cows and sheep sort against. The efficiency of forage utilization improves, reducing the amount of forages for winter feeding the herd.

4 Reduces Waste While Increasing Palatability
Cattle have preferences in what they eat. For example, longer coarse feed and low quality hay may have adequate nutritional value, but are not eaten, creating feed waste. By chopping low quality hay, intake of feed is increased, cattle will clean up the windrow or feed bunks.

4 Minimizes Sorting
Consistent shorter cut length hay from the Feed Chopper™ ensures cattle do not sort different
length material or grain. Now full feed utilization can occur while the cattle are eating the intended rations.

4 Flexibility of Feed Types
The Highline® Feed Chopper™ excels at cutting a wide range of bales including silage, corn or old straw bales. Feed sources can include: Corn Stover, Canola Straw, Green Feed, Alfalfa and Silage Bales, processed to an appropriate blend of cut lengths