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The NEW Bale Pro® 45 bushel Grain Tank

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Available on the BP 660 and BP 661

The Grain Tank is a variable speed hydraulic drive feed system that allows for even and consistent flow.


Controlling Rations
It is vital to ensure that the amount of grain added into a ration is controlled.
The amount of grain components in the ration needs to match up with the rumen’s ability to utilize the grains. Increasing the grain components too quickly can result in acidosis and the animals going off feed. The Highline® hydraulic drive feed system precisely distributes the grain or pellets into the hay or straw windrow.
The hydraulic drive feed system now allows for stationary processing with precise grain addition – perfect for pre-processing for wagon or mixer feeding!

Control System Display
Easily set your rate for any feeding scenario. Enter the output you want, the calibration value, and start feeding.