RCH™ Features and Options

Joy Stick (RCH™ Hydro)

Product Brochure

" . . . I would never run without a joystick again ..."

Julius Hrynuik, Mower Operator

RM of Grant, NO. 372

The Optional Joy Stick is Simply More Intuitive!

With all hydraulic functions on one control, the Operator can easily operate the RCH™ Hydro Mower with minimum effort. Operators are raving about the ease of use the joy stick provides.

Following are some of their comments:
“ Your low-effort joysticks provide instant control response with minimum movement.”
“ Should not even be an option, I would never run without a joystick ever again!”

The joystick controls the decklift, independent wing lift, hitch swing, gradient steering all the while reducing operator fatigue.