RCH™ Features and Options

Radial Contouring Hitch (RCH™)

Product Brochure

The RCH™ is designed to keep the tractor on the road and the Operator safe while achieving a quality cut

Versatility - Mow on Both Sides of the Road Without Switching Configurations

Mow at any angle, to the left or the right, or behind on flat areas. The mower can ReaCH either side without requiring a configuration change. The mower can be easily manipulated for backing up and turning around in tight spaces.

Drive your tractor on a safe footing while ReaCHing into more difficult places with the mower. The RCH™ design allows the tractor to remain on the road on a safe level footing. There is no need to run dual tires to increase stability. No more tractors stuck in soft ditches. Gone are the days of putting your foot on the tractor window to keep yourself in the seat, reducing driver fatigue.