Rock Picker Features and Options

The secret is in the Guided Reel

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It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Why the Highline Rock Picker is Better?

  1. The bogie wheels follow a special track to guide the reel for improved picking action. The guided reel travels parallel to the ground surface pulling the rocks toward the apron.

  2. The guided reel lifts the stones onto the apron and because the reel is guided it follows the same contour as the apron.

  3. The guided reel delivers the rocks to the center of the bucket.

Spring Adjustment/Replacement - Exclusive to the industry, the Highline coil spring provides uniform loading over the reel operating range combined with the most compact mounting. This ensures that the spring mechanism is protected from rock damage resulting in years of service. Replacing the springs just got easier with a simple threaded bolt to apply or remove tension to the spring.

The Highline Tine - The Highline rock picker tine is designed to follow the reel; this aids in raising rocks while allowing dirt to fall through. Tines are changed with 2 bolts making replacement easy. As well, the tines are extremely durable as they are hard surfaced on both the top and bottom leading edges to ensure years of operation.

Drive System - Highline uses an industry exclusive gearbox that stands the test of time. The gear case ensures large oil bathed gears set the reel at the desired speed with a massive hydraulic drive motor. The hydraulic drive provides the flexibility to reverse, turn on and off the reel from your fingertips.

Hi-Flotation Tires Reduces Compaction - Large flotation tires are standard on all NT Rock Pickers to ensure minimal compaction to the seed bed occurs.