The Highline HAY App. - High Animal Yield

Profitable cattle farming requires that close attention is paid to how animals are responding to their feeding program. The Highline Bale Pro® equipped with the optional Feed Chopper™ and Grain Tank with MGI™ is an implement that provides the capability to deliver blended feed, for example, a blend of both grain and hay. Highline HAY software provides basic feed and nutrient demand information that can help you to be more efficient in choosing feed sources and grain supplements that meet the required demand. Together, the combination of the CFR system and HAY software provide the most efficient way to choose the lowest cost feed combination that meets the nutrient demands of the animals and delivers it accurately.

Following are useful definitions of terms commonly associated with animal nutrition:

  • NEm  - net energy required for maintenance
  • NEg  - net energy required for gain
  • ME  - metabolizable energy
  • P (%DM) - percentage of phosphorous on a 100 % dry matter basis.
  • CA (%DM)  - percentage of calcium on a 100 % dry matter basis.
  • CP (%DM) - percentage of crude protein on a 100% dry matter basis.

Download the Highline HAY software here (note: you will require MS Excel to run the application) - HAY software

For a following example taken from the Highline HAY software see pages 51-55 of the Product Catalogue


** While the HAY app. calculations are an aid for cattle feeding, they are not intended to replace the advice of a cattle Nutritionist. Consultation with a cattle nutritionist is highly recommended.

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