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NT60 Rock Picker

For over 60 years, the Highline® Rock Picker has proven itself as a machine that delivers year in, year out. Designed with few moving parts, as well as extremely durable components, the Highline® Rock Picker remains rock solid. Highline® offers the NT Rock Picker (available in 78”, and 60” sizes), an upgraded unit with a fresh focus on safety and design features that will make your life even easier when taking care of cleaning up your fields.

To ensure rocks are firmly picked out of the soil and placed into the bucket, a raking reel is a must. Without a reel and track system, rocks will sling shot past the bucket wasting time back tracking to pick rocks up a second time. Only Highline® rock pickers come standard equipped with the advanced track and reel system making a tough job as gentle as possible on the equipment.

Features & Benefits

NT Rock Picker Two Position Hitch

High-Lift Design
The High-Lift design feature provides options for operators to get rocks out of the way or off the field. The High-Lift minimizes wasted space from low flat rock piles by allowing higher more compact piles , or rocks can be transferred directly to a trailer for removal. For fast and convenient rock removal, Highline® rock pickers (NT 78 and NT 60) have a standard dumping height of 84".

Two Position Hitch
The Highline® hitch design moves the rock picker fully into view of the operator and the entire picking width is outside the tractor tracks. The hitch also advances the rock picker to a new level of transport convenience with a self-locking hitch. The self-locking design doesn’t require any pins or wedges; when you get to the field, the transport lock is required to be opened manually, returning to transport position engages the lock. (photo in the right)

Durable Box Frame Construction
Highline is the only rock picker with a box frame construction. The front frame is built high to let rocks in, yet ensure the structure is strong enough to withstand the most difficult conditions.

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Guided Reel

The Secret is in the Guided Reel: It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. The bogie wheels follow a special track to guide the reel for improved picking action. When the guided reel travels parallel to the ground surface, it pulls the rocks toward the apron rather than pushing down on the rocks.
  2. The guided reel lifts the rocks onto the apron.
  3. The guided reel delivers the rocks to the center of the bucket and because the reel is guided it follows the same contour as the apron.

Conventional Picker
Conventional round reels have only a few inches of positive
picking action. When the round reel contacts a rock on the
downward cycle, rather than sweep the rock towards the apron, it pushes down on the rock. 8" and smaller rocks are often missed because the round reel buries the rock.

NT60 Rock Picker Quick Specs

NT60 Rock Picker Quick Specs


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