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BP660 Bale Pro®The BP 660 Bale Pro® is a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well-engineered bale processor. The BP 660 Bale Pro® has a dual feed roller processing chamber with a centrally driven flail drum.

The Highline® flails efficiently bite into the bale for uniform feed processing. The flails are optimally sized to grab the bale.

The new stepped shaft design is machined from a single length of material vastly improving strength and durability of the drum.

The flails are designed in a spiral formation. This spiral formation ensures that the bale is continuously pulled and processed resulting in consistent feed. Also, the flail drum is digitally balanced for smooth performance and long bearing life.

Features & Benefits

BP660 Bale Pro® Features and Benefits

Discharge Door
The singular, flat smooth top allows for easy cleaning. The magnetic curtain retainers break free when obstructed.

Rear Deflectors
Standard on all models.

Screen Design
For better material containment.

Side Shields
Contoured to match large bale profiles for improved flail engagement.

Hose Holder
Keep hoses protected and out of the mud! Quickly hook up to the tractor with the hoses now located conveniently beside the tractor remotes. The hose holder locks out of the way during hook up or for shipping.

Motor Protection Valve
Reduces pressure spikes increasing the motor life and durability.

Fork Length
Fork length of 67 ½” (1.71 m) for full bale engagement.

Adjustable Forks (up to 50” between inside faces)
Lift bales from the smallest silage up to 6' (1.83 m). Lift from the row and load them into the Bale Pro®

Fork Position Indicator
For improved positioning when loading the second bale.

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The Feed Chopper™, exclusively from Highline®, is a secondary processing option to create shorter cut lengths. Rather than stationary knives that pulverize or drag leaves off of stems, the Highline® Feed Chopper™ truly slices through the hay creating an optimal consistency. The Feed Chopper™ is a great alternative to tub grinders.Highline Feed Chopper™

  • Improves Whole Plant Intake - Chopping reduces particle size of the whole plant improving intake of the stem portion. This is the part cows and sheep sort against. The efficiency of forage utilization improves, reducing the amount of forages for winter feeding the herd.
  • Reduces Waste While Increasing Palatability - Cattle have preferences in what they eat. For example, longer coarse feed and low quality hay may have adequate nutritional value, but are not eaten, creating feed waste. By chopping low quality hay, intake of feed is increased, cattle will clean up the windrow or feed bunks.
  • Minimizes Sorting - Consistent shorter cut length hay from the Feed Chopper™ ensures cattle do not sort different length material or grain. Now full feed utilization can occur while the cattle are eating the intended rations.
  • Flexibility of Feed Types - The Highline® Feed Chopper™ excels at cutting a wide range of bales including silage, corn or old straw bales. Feed sources can include: Corn Stover, Canola Straw, Green Feed, Alfalfa and Silage Bales, processed to an appropriate blend of cut length.

The Grain Tank is a variable speed hydraulic drive feed system that allows for even and consistent flow.

Highline Grain Tank
  • Controlling Rations - It is vital to ensure that the amount of grain added into a ration is controlled. The amount of grain components in the ration needs to match up with the rumen’s ability to utilize the grains. Increasing the grain components too quickly can result in acidosis and the animals going off feed. The Highline® hydraulic drive feed system precisely distributes the grain or pellets into the hay or straw windrow. The hydraulic drive feed system now allows for stationary processing with precise grain addition – perfect for pre-processing for wagon or mixer feeding!
  • Control System Display - Easily set your rate for any feeding scenario. Enter the output you want, the calibration value, and start feeding.

BP660 Bale Pro® Quick Specs

BP660 Bale Pro® Quick Specs


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