FaStack™ 1800 Large Square Stacker


For fast stacking of large square bales


Your TIME Matters

FaStack™ 1800 Large Square StackerWhen every second counts, clear the field quickly. The Highline® FaStack™ allows you to do more, faster. With more bales per load than the competition, one operator can effectively retrieve bales from the field and stack them efficiently, making fewer trips, minimizing your costs, and maximizing your productivity.

Features & Benefits

FaStack 1800 Large Square Stacker Features and Benefits

HI-Flotation Tires
The FaStack™ is equipped with hi-flotation tires allowing for smooth travel over deep ruts and uneven terrain.

The bumper cushions the impact of the bale to help maintain machine life and keep the integrity of the bale intact.

Bale Assist
For supporting the bale during lift for a gentle transition from the ground to the table. Minimize stress on the bale during loading.

The patented clamp arm grabs and lifts the bales up off the ground preventing scrubbing.

Allows flexibility in your stacking, giving you the option to stack on or off the strings, depending on your needs.

Side Rails
Side rails secure the bales to keep them in place.

One and Done
One tip is all it takes to unload. The load is gently and securely lifted to unload the stack.

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FaStack™ 1800 Large Square Stacker Quick Specs

FS1800 Large Square Stacker Quick Specs


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