RCH™ 415 Hydro Mower


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Save TIME and INCREASE Productivity

RCH™415 Hydro Mower

The next generation of the RCH™ Hydro Mower is compact with exceptional maneuverability. The unique hydraulic drive system provides the benefits of minimal maintenance and extended blade life which both increase your daily cutting time. Just ask one of our current operators!

Features & Benefits

RCH™415 Hydro Mower Features & Benefits

Higher Efficiency
Piston style motors and pump.

The Hitch’s Low Pull Point
Minimal downward force improves flotation.

The Large Tool Kit
Conveniently stores extra blades and tools for easy access when maintenance is required.

Replaceable Caster Shaft and Spindles
Accidents happen! Highline caster shafts are designed to be replaced simply and easily. Instead of having to replace the entire caster wheel assembly, individual component shaft parts are available and can be easily changed out.

High Capacity Cooling Unit
A reversible electric cooling fan keeps the radiator clean by blowing out debris.

Rear and Wing Tires (Standard)
27 x 10.5, 15” Skid Steer.

Walking Axle
Experience a smoother ride and better contouring with the walking axle on the wings.

Redesigned Skid Plates
Are made from durable abrasion resistant steel. Skid Plates may be exchanged from side to side for extended life and are replaceable.

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With all hydraulic functions on one control, the Operator can easily operate the RCH™ Hydro Mower with minimum effort. Operators are raving about the ease of use the joystick provides.

RCH™ 415 Hydro Motor Quick Specs

RCH™ 415 Hydro Mower Quick Specs


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