BP663 TOP GUN® Bale Pro® Series


Delivering Effective Bedding Solutions


DESIGN that out performs

BP663 TOP GUN® Bale Pro®The Highline® BP 663 TOP GUN® is a rugged, highly effective agricultural implement for bedding and feeding applications, as well as coverage solutions for environmental and land reclamation. It provides uniform coverage as it throws material up to 80 feet (24.3 meters)*, or feeds by gently dropping a windrow from its side discharge.

The unique, simple design and durable construction gives you what you have come to expect in a Highline® product - dependable, easy operation with minimal maintenance and a long life.

Features & Benefits

BP663 TOP GUN® Bale Pro® Features and Benefits

Fork Design
Ability to load round or square bales (model dependent)!

Rear Deflectors (model dependent)
Adjustable for round or square bales..

Twine Sickle™ (model dependent)
Effectively cut the twine on square bales.

Easily Maneuvered, High Discharge Chutes
Allows you to distribute product to the right or the left of the machine.

Hose Holder
Keep hoses protected and out of the mud! Quickly hook up to the tractor with the hoses now located conveniently beside the tractor remotes. The hose holder locks out of the way during hook up or for shipping.

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3 Chute Options Available


Effectively saw the twine on square balesHighline Twine Sickle™


HOW IT WORKS: As the square bale is lifted, it slides down into the cutting bar where its weight engages the Twine Sickle™ sections. A hydraulic cylinder is actuated from the cab which slides the sections through the end of the bale and cuts the twine, prior to dumping the bale in the processing chamber. The cutting of the twine prior to loading the bale in the tub results in faster processing.


BP663 Bale Pro® Quick Specs

BP663 Bale Pro® Quick Specs


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