BM607 Round Bale Mover


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BM607 Round Bale Mover

The BM 607 has all the heavy duty design features that we have used in our BM 14 for many years as well as some new added improvements. We have added some unique advantages to the new mover like Auto Bale Shuttle™ that automatically shifts the last loaded bale back exactly one position so you can load the next bale without shuttling the load manually.

The Highline® bale mover allows you to unload and re-load using fully adjustable frame rails on 4 foot to 6 foot bales.

Features & Benefits

BM607 Round Bale Mover Features and Benefits

Bale Fork
All Bale Mover Models have a standard ¼ turn bale fork to automatically turn bales for non-stop loading from virtually any angle. As the quarter turn lift arm begins to lift the bale, the forward motion slides the bale precisely into position for accurate placement on main bed.

Hydraulic Controls
In-cab electric over hydraulic controls give full hydraulic control with only two hydraulic outlets on your tractor.

Undercarriage that walks both side to side and front to back.

Hydraulic Deck
From the cab of the tractor, the deck is lifted hydraulically. The bale chains transfer the bales onto the ground without ripping twine or damaging the bales. The tail of the Bale Mover is designed to skid over the ground during the unloading process without damage.

Chain Rails
Polished chain rails are easily adjusted to match different bale sizes. Chain rails are sloped and factory ground to conform to the curvature of round bales, eliminating the need for cleats and reducing broken twines. A hydraulic motor controls the chains and eliminates gearboxes, bearings and shafts. 

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Auto Shuttle Feature Adds Convenience & Efficiency

Auto Shuttle is a design feature that allows the operator to automatically shift the last loaded bale back exactly one position so you can load the next bale without shuttling the load manually. As you lower the loading arm, the flow of hydraulics are moving the chains back to allow room to load the next bale. This is conveniently done in one easy step.

BM607 Round Bale Mover Quick Specs

BM607 Round Bale Mover Quick Specs


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