NT44 Rock Picker

Picking Width:44 in. (1.1 1m)
Transport Width: (with tires) machine centered with tractor91.75in (2.33m)
Working Width: to center of tractor (machine is offset to right of tractor)140.13in (3.56m)
Transport Length228.5" (5.80m)
Operating Length206" (5.23m)
Height71.25" (1.80m)
Dumping Height:84 in. (2.1 m)
Weight:6100 lbs. (2767 kg)
Tongue Weight:750 lbs. (340 kg)
Bucket Capacity:1.89 cu. yd. (1.45 cu m)
Tire Size:11L-15FI
Tire Pressure90 psi (620 kPa)
Required Horsepower:50-119
Hydraulic Outlets Required3
Hydraulic Pressure2500 psi (17236 kPa)
Hydraulic Flow Required18gpm (68 l/min)
Lift Cylinder:3.5" x 34"
Hydraulic Hitch:Yes
Hydraulic Drive:Yes
Picking Style:Reel
Number of Bats:3
Minimum Rock Diameter :2" (50mm)
Maximum Rock Diameter :24" (.61 m)
6" x 4" x ¼" Rectangular Tubing
Replaceable Tynes:Main Apron Tynes are replaceable to allow for high acre usage.
Hard Surfacing:Reel Arm Teeth and Apron Tynes (Standard)
Recommended Reel Speed23rpm@2mph
Hopper Bottom is gratedYes
Hopper Back is gratedYes
Note: Right/left hand is determined by sitting in the tractor seat looking forward