Highline Customer Testimonials

Read more about what Highline Customers identify as the key features that bring value to their operation.




Morken Farms LLC (Bob, Don, David, Sam, Tim and Nate) of Spring Grove, MNCFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™"The best features of the Feed Chopper™ is its ease of use. We previously fed round bales free choice in bale rings - too much waste! Now processed hay is fed in a bunk with other ration - corn, corn silage, minerals, proteins etc."




Gibson Farms of Copeland, KSCFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™"The Highline® Bale Pro® gives us the short cut that we need for our TMR’s."




Tracy Beisly of Nevada, MOCFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™"This is my first time ever using a bale processor, and chose the Highline CFR 650
Bale Pro with the Feed Chopper and Metered Grain Tank for its ability to blend lower quality forages with commodity feed, to provide our herd proper nutrition while utilizing the hay that we have available."




Josh Davis of St. Mary's, KSCFR651 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™"I also see an advantage for the whole group including the smaller calves as they can get in line and eat if they want instead of all the cows around a ring and not letting the less aggressive cows and calves get in to eat."




Gary Doerr - Gold Family Farm of Creighton, NETOP GUN®"We bought the TOP GUN® to bed the buildings. We found it to be a huge labor savings by turning a two person job of bedding sheds into a one person job."




Adam Courtney of Belle Fourche, SDCFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™“The Highline Feed Chopper and Grain tank has increased our efficiency VS our tub grinder and feed truck. We were able to feed more efficient by keeping our waste down, eliminate extra equipment purchases, time and maintenance.”




Cecile Boes of Arcadia, OH

TOP GUN Bale Pro®"This joystick model allowed me to process approximately 16 bales at a time in less than one hour unlike previous processors that took triple the time.”




Scott Gehlen of Humboldt, SK

CFR1251 Bale Pro®"The feed saving that we are obtaining by using
this unit has had a great return on investment."




Cody Burke of Newell, SD

CFR651 Bale Pro®"This is the first bale processor I have ever owned and it has exceeded my expectations in all regards. It’s hard to imagine a winter of feeding without it now!"




Marty Thievin of Richland, MT

CFR650 Bale Pro®

"After four years of use, I'd have to rate our Highline 650 Bale Pro® as one of my best purchases."




Stacy Mostrom of Liberty, MO

CFR650 Bale Pro®

"Large Savings on Time and Costs"




Todd Knupp of Weyburn, SK

CFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™ and MGI™

"Time saving along with Increasing Value of Feed"




Dale Beran of Odell, NE

CFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™

"Cut feed loss by a 1/3 or more"




Garth and Garret Long of Yellow Grass, SK

CFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™





Duane Coder of Effingham, KS

CFR650 Bale Pro® with Feed Chopper™ and MGI™

"I save 10-25% of each bale processed as opposed to feeding bales in a hay ring"