CFR650 Bale Processor - "Cut feed loss by 1/3 or more""

Dale Beran of Beran Farms LLC in Odell, NE

Dale Beran of Beran Farms LLC says, "I run a cow-calf operation, 120 to 130 head and sell calves at 600 to 700 lbs.  I purchased the Highline CFR650 with Feed Chopper™ in January 2013.  I use the processor to process alfalfa, prairie hay, sudax and corn stalk bales for feed.  Mix this feed with corn silage and liquid protein in a vertical mixer for my cow ration."  

"Like the way it chops up the feed.  Also running straw bales through the processor to bed cows down during calving."

"I had a Haybuster 2650 and 2655 bale processor before the Highline CFR650.  They wouldn't chop up the corn stalks or the sudax bales fine enough"

"I've probably cut my feed loss by 1/3 or more"

"I learned of the Highline product at the Husker Harvest Days at Grand Island, NE.  Whenever I replace the bale processor it will be with another Highline processor.  Really like how it works"

Dale Beran

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