CFR650 Bale Processor - "Keep calves healthier"

Duane Coder of Effingham, KS

Duane has 120 pair commercial Angus cow/calf and processes "baled forage and whole corn to feed cattle. Another great use of this processor is blowing bedding out for cattle and mulch over larger areas to help prevent soil erosion."

He currently owns a CFR650 with Feed Chopper™and MGI™ and uses Brome grass, fescue, clover, wet baled corn silage, whole kernel corn for processing. 

When asked what the main reason you bought a Highline product, Duane responded "Needed a processor that would chop product finer and process and mix whole corn into a complete ration".  The Feed chopper™ and MGI™ offers customers that.

"I feel I save 10-25% of each bale processed as opposed to feeding bales in a hay ring. I feed most of my hay to my cows on the ground in the pasture resulting in all cows being able to eat equally and distributing the manure over a larger area saving the time of cleaning up manure piles in the spring. This also helps to keep baby calves healthier in a cleaner environment."

Duane Coder

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