CFR 650 Bale Pro - "A piece of equipment that I can’t do without."

Marty Thievin of Richland, MT

Marty has great things to say about his Highline bale processor.  "After four years of use, I’d have to rate our Highline CFR650 Bale Pro as one of my best purchases.  Being able to use our pea, lentil and wheat screenings through the feed tank is a big plus for our operation.  Since we have lower quality hay, being able to boost our protein using the screenings has added pounds to our cattle.  The fine chopper cracks the peas and lentils and chops the hay for a fine feed ration."

Not only has the quality of his feed gone up, but the ability to add screenings reduces his overall hay consumption.  "If my feed tank runs empty, my cattle let me know before I’ve finished chopping the bale.  We probably feed 25% less hay because the cows clean it up so much better with less waste and greater feed efficiency."

The CFR650 has proven itself in Marty's cattle operation.  "I was somewhat skeptical at first, but now feel this is a piece of equipment that I can’t do without and would recommend it to any cattle producer."


Marty Thievin (kneeling) with his son Ryan, and dogs Kobe & Junior

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