CFR 650 Bale Processor with Feed Chopper - "Feeding time has gone down . . "

Rising M Ranch / Joe, TJ & Brooke Minihan from Blaine, KS

Our primary feeding is Prairie Hay and Alfalfa as well as for bedding.

The main reason for buying a Highline CFR with Feed Chopper is to eliminate having to hire a tub grinder, also for better rationing of feed and the ability to feed on pastures in the winter. One of the best results, is the increased health of our calves; moving our feeding around keeps the calves out of the mud.

We also save money by being able to use up some hay that may have gotten wet when we harvested it, by utilizing all of our hay we now have reduced loss of feed. Also, our feeding time has gone down and my Dad can now feed with the Bale Pro as he no longer has to remove surface wrap and put bales into feeders. This is my 3rd processor - I have had 2 other Highline Bale Pro’s in the past.

Rising M Ranch

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