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Grain Tank with MGI™

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Control your rations

The Grain Tank with MGI™ is a ground driven feed system that allows for even and consistent flow.

Unique to bale processing, the Highline® metering system ensures uniform mixes each and every time...regardless of feed conditions! Even distribution of grain within the hay is critical to ensure a good combined feed mix. Because cattle prefer grain to hay, they will sort out the grain and leave the hay if possible. The MGI™ system inserts the grain directly into the hay stream (as opposed to placing it on top) ensuring an optimal mix. Feeding grain is critically important to cattle in cold weather, backgrounding and during the final stages of gestation. Proper nutrition is required if the cattle body condition is to be maintained which relates directly to healthy calving and desired weight gains.

Controlling Rations

It is vital to ensure that the amount of grain inserted into a ration is controlled. The amount of grain components in the ration needs to match up with the Rumen’s ability to utilize the grains. Increasing the grain components too quickly can result in Acidosis and the animals going off feed. The Highline® ground-driven meter precisely distributes the grain into the hay or straw windrow.


  • Gauge Windows - Easily view current grain levels through the 3 gauge windows located on the grain tank.

  • Metering Chart - East reference chart gives a sprocket combonation for given product type and output rate

  • Quick Change Sprockets - Mechanically driven metering increases reliability in all conditions.

  • Distance Meter - Metering is ground driven. Ration is accurately determined based on 5' increments per animal (i.e. 40 head = 200').

  • Tank Lid & Ladder  - Easy tank top access for filling. A retractable ladder offers safe and easy access to the top of the tank.