Bale Pro Features and Options

Feeding & Bedding

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The Bale Pro® is versitile

Feeding in the Field

Feeding cattle in a bunk or a windrow in the field reduces corral cleaning costs in spring; as well, the nutrients from the manure benefit the field biology.

Bunk Feeding

Place processed feed in a bunk. The Bale Pro® gives processed, dry full bunks maximizing your cattle feed intake.

Even Bedding

Create an even and lofty spread using a Highline® Bale Pro®. Quality bedding is produced while using up to 50% less straw saving on input costs.

Efficient Processing

The Bale Pro® allows you to do double-duty; process one bale while carrying another on the forks. This saves time by allowing for continued operation before having to load again.

Loading bales is a simple one person operation from the comfort of the tractor cab.