Feed Mixers

***NEW*** AccuMix™ Towed Feed Mixer - AMX850T TMR

Simple. Reliable. Cost Effective.

Highline Manufacturing is focused on ensuring the equipment we offer is part of a complete solution to feeding livestock in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The AccuMix™ AMX850T towed feed mixer is another tool in our lineup that is simple, reliable and cost effective.



Twin Vertical Mixing Screws

Each screw comes standard with 5 knives installed, and mounting for 10 knives max.


Prominent dividers in the tub means minimal mixing dead spots with exceptional clean out.


Heavy duty 10 bolt hubs.

Axles and Tires

Dual axles and high flotation tires (550/45-22.5 16 ply) are standard equipment to meet the extremes of North American weather.

The Mix

Excellent mix consistency throughout the load.

Unload Door

An industry leading 58” wide front unload door for fast and even feed delivery. The larger door means fewer tractor stops and an optimal clean out.

Mud Flaps (Optional)

To prevent material throw from the tractor tires onto the front unload conveyor.


Three different conveyor options available to meet your needs - Hydraulic Fold, Dogleg and Flat.