Large Square Bale Stackers

FaStack™ 1200 Flex

For fast stacking of large square bales

Highline's line of large square bale stackers, including the FaStack™ 1800 and FaStack™ 1200 Flex are easy to operate machines which have industry exclusive features that will result in more bales picked in less time.

Your Time Matters

When every second counts, clear the field quickly. The Highline FaStack™ allows you to do more, faster. One operator can effectively retrieve bales from the field and stack them efficiently, keeping the integrity of your bales intact, minimizing your costs, and maximizing your productivity.


Want a demo of this product?

Do the Twist

FaStack™ Flex indicates the ability to stack bales from the end of the stack giving the user more flexibility as to where the bales can be stacked, whether it be in the field or in a shed. The rotating front table allows stacking along the long side of the bale.

Under Your Thumb

Taking control of the FaStack™ is easily done from the cab. The remote control puts all of the unit's controls in one hand, allowing you to easily drive the tractor and operate the FaStack™ at the same time.

  • Hi-Flotation Tires
  • Bumper
  • Clamp
  • One and Done
  • Side Rails
  • Flipper