RCH™ 415 Hydro Mower

ReaCH into more places with your RCH™ 415 Hydro Mower!

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The next generation of the RCH™ Hydro Mower is compact with exceptional maneuverability. The unique hydraulic drive system provides the benefits of minimal maintenance and extended blade life which both increase your daily cutting time. Just ask one of our current operators!

An industry exclusive feature of a Highline® mower is the integrated Radial Contouring Hitch (RCH™). The RCH™ is designed to keep the tractor on the road and the Operator safe while achieving a quality cut. 


Versatility - Mow on Both Sides of the Road Without Switching Configurations

Mow to the left or the right, or behind on flat areas. The mower can ReaCH either side without requiring a configuration change. The mower can be easily manipulated for backing up and turning around in tight spaces.

Independent Wing Lift

Mow in areas that are restricted for space by lifting each wing independently.
The ability to turn off the deck motors and lift the wings independently is exclusive to a hydraulic mower.

Save TIME and INCREASE Productivity

Greasing and maintenance have always been time consuming and cumbersome tasks. Care and greasing on traditional, mechanically-driven ditch mowers can take from 30 minutes up to an hour of preparation time every day! With the RCH™ Hydro Mower greasing and maintenance takes approximately 10 minutes.
In a mowing season of 100 days this translates into an extra 100 miles (160 kms) of mowing!

Gradient Steering

The gradient steering, standard on the RCH™ Hydro Mower, in steep application minimizes side drag on tractor and excessive tractor tire wear.