RCH™ Hydro

“The Highline is user-friendly; you don't need to do much for  maintenance in the morning and once you start, you're good for the day.  The hydraulics are nice and quick.”

Eric Garrant, Mower Operator

Northern Sunrise County, Peace River, AB

ReaCH into more places with your RCH™ Hydro!


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The RCH™ Hydro mower from Highline reduces maintenance requirements resulting in less downtime. Proven hydraulic motors eliminate clutches from seizing up and placing huge shock loads onto PTOs, blade pans and decks. Also, due to the hydraulic circuit, rocks or debris cannot transfer impact onto the drive train; the hydraulic drive softens every hit the blades see. Checking oil in the gearboxes is eliminated and greasing of a single PTO shaft is all it takes to be up and running drastically reducing service time.

Save Time and Increase Productivity
Greasing and maintenance have always been time consuming and cumbersome tasks. Traditional mechanically-driven ditch mowers typically have 16 grease points. Care and greasing on these units can take from 30 minutes up to an hour of preparation time every day! With the RCH™ Hydro Mower greasing and maintenance takes approximately 5 minutes.
In a mowing season of 100 days this translates into an extra 100 miles of mowing!

The RCH™ Hydro Mower is a practical design with many convenience features.

The heart of a Highline mower is the Radial Countouring Hitch (RCH™)

Independent Wing Lift

The Optional Joystick is Simply More Intuitive!

Large, Smooth Under Deck allows for Continuous Volume Shredding of Mulch

The Hydraulic Drive Advantage



  • High Capacity Cooling Unit: The high capacity, 20 hp cooling unit efficiently cools the oil. Reversible electric cooling fan keeps the radiator clean by blowing out debris.

  • Easily view oil levels with oil gauge.

  • The Hitch’s Low Pull Point has less downward force eliminating any upending in muddy conditions.

  • Hose Cradle: The simple design of the hose cradle allows for flexibility when attaching hoses to tractor. Also, since the hoses are not tightly secured, the hoses can move when turning. The hose cradle keeps the hoses neatly in place.

  • Replaceable Caster Shaft and Spindles: Accidents happen! Highline caster shafts are designed to be replaced simply and easily. Instead of having to replace the entire caster wheel assembly, individual component shaft parts are available and can be easily changed out.

  • The Chrome Shaft and Fibre Bushings mean no greasing for less maintenance.

  • 2:1 Speed Increaser: The RCH™ mower is equipped with a 2:1 Speed Increaser. This is valuable as it allows for higher speeds with a more compact pump. Competitors' hydraulic pump designs are much larger and attach directly to the tractor making initial setup awkward.

  • A low, 600 lb of weight on the jack

  • Large Wings allow for greater ditch contour-ability compared to competitors.

  • Replaceable Skid Plates are made from durable abrasion resistant steel. Skid Plates can be installed on either side of the machine, which is an advantage as it tends to have greater wear on the outside than the inside.

  • The Large Tool Kit conveniently stores extra blades and tools for easy access when maintenance is required.

  • Optional - experience a smoother ride and better contouring with the optional front to back walking wing axle.