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Hydraulic Drive

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Highline gives you an advantage!

Save Time and Increase Productivity.
Greasing and maintenance have always been time consuming and cumbersome tasks. Traditional mechanically-driven ditch mowers typically have 16 grease points. Care and greasing on these units can take from 30 minutes up to an hour of preparation time every day! With the RCH™ Hydro Mower greasing and maintenance takes approximately 5 minutes.

In a mowing season of 100 days this translates into an extra 100 miles of mowing!

  • Reduced number of PTO assemblies which means less greasing.
  • Less maintenance cost on failed components.
  • Less time for maintenance, more time for operation.
  • Elimination of slip cutches.
  • No reduction of performance as slip clutches wear.
  • No lost time replacing slip clutches.
  • When obstacle is hit hydraulic motor bypasses, whereas a slip clutch slips reducing effectiveness or results in complete failure.
  • Hydraulic drive does not back feed power into the gearbox, PTO and tractor when ostacles are hit.
  • Less moving parts to fail.